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The tramcar n°209 is the only one of the Belgian SBT-Stt companies that has reached the present day with the body in its original state. It belongs to the series numbered 174-230, and in particular to the sub-series of trams with five windows, built under license by Diatto. In the ATM vehicle fleet the second generation of "Belgians tramway" had received the new numbers 446-500. Two of them, modified to service duties, had been re-registered T426 and T427. Their first task was the transport of personnel, but they were soon transformed into sand-spreader tramcar with the opening of a hatch for loading sand in place of the three central windows. In the year 1990 the T427 was rebuilt with a new metal bodyframe while the T426, which remained in its original condition, was withdrawn from service in the mid-1990s. After a long set aside, the ATTS recovered it in 2005 and began the restoration entirely carried out by its own associates. While waiting to rebuild the traction system so that it can return to circulation, the tram is now exclusively static.



- length: 7.400 mm
- width: 2.050 mm
- height: 3.420 mm
- total weigth: 11.500 Kg
- minimum radius: 13.800 mm
- motorised bogie type: Boecker
- bodywork: Diatto
- color: green-cream
- number of doors: 4 (gates)


- seats: 18
- standing: 17
- operators seats: 2
- total capacity: 37