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The horse-tram n°197 is the oldest tramway, the only one that has survived to this day. Built in 1880 by the Miani, Silvestri and C. workshops (it will later become the OM) for one of the two Belgian capital companies (ATM has never had horse-drawn trams because it was founded in 1907 from the municipalization of SAEAI, the third tram service, the first electric tram operator), was used until the years of the WWII as a service trailer. Survived until 1977, it was restored by the ATM workshop, trying to bring it back to its original condition, based on scant period documentation. In the following years it was used on disused rings of the tram network as a historic tram, then it remained in storage until 2000, when the renovation of the Sassi station led to the creation of a small company museum, where the horse tram n°197 occupies the center of the exhibition and where it is still admirable. Unfortunately, given the positioning, it is impossible to use it in service, as happened in the late 1970s.



- lenght: 5.250 mm
- width:1.920 mm
- height: 2.900 mm
- gross weight: 2.400 Kg
- minimum radius: 13.800 mm
- bodywork: Officine Meccaniche già Miani, Silvestri e C.
- color: brown-cream
- number of doors: 4 (gates)


- seats: 12
- standing: 16
- operators seats: 2
- total capacity: 30