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The Sassi-Superga line is powered by a third electrified rail which, for safety reasons, is not present inside the yard and the garage where it is replaced by the normal overhead line. Since the D1-D2-D3 tramways do not have any pantograph, the use of a shunter tramcar is mandatory to move the trams from the line to the depot. Several trams have been used for this purpose over the years, including the 411 (later T411, today scraped), the 416 (restored as 116 in 1976) and the 450 (now T450). The tramcar n° T450 was born in 1957 from the reuse of an old truck of a Saeai tramway (tram n° 81 of 1902) now disused. Originally painted with gray color, over the years it assumes the blue color to which the accident prevention yellow bands are added. The shape of the T450 is particular, reminiscent of shunting locomotives due to the front bodies and the central cabin that make the vehicle bidirectional. Equipped with both the hook used on the Sassi-Superga and the normal tram coupler, the T450 is also used for the movement of tramcars between Sassi and the GTT main workshop.



- length: 4.200 mm
- width: 2.250 mm
- height: 3.200 mm
- total weight: 13.400 Kg
- max speed: 14 km/h 
- minimum radius: 13.760 mm
- power supply: 600 Vdc 
- motorised bogie type: Moncenisio
- engine type: Tibb GDTM  111 A4
- starting: rheostatic with inserter
- bodywork: Atm
- color: blue
- number of doors: 2


- seats: 0
- standing: 0
- operators places: 1
- total capacity: 1