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The vehicle fleet of the Sassi-Superga line had three two-axle freight wagons, set up around 1933 on the frames of the two-axle carriages of the funicular. Numbered D21-D23, they has gray livery. In the 1950s, the n° D21 wagon was equipped with a snow plow and became the N21 service wagon, while the other two wagons were renamed S22-S23. The structure is made of wood and never change until the 1980s, when the sides were replaced with metal ones and the color changed to blue with yellow safety bands. On this occasion, the snow plow is dismantled and the N21 wagon returns to be S21. In 2000 the S23 wagon was retired and sold to the Gottard Park museum in Castelletto Ticino where it was exhibited as a fake tender for a steam locomotive. In 2004, the S22 wagon was equipped with a rack that allows it to be used as a bicycle transport trailer. The S21 remains a freight car.



- lenght: 4.240 mm
- width: 2.000 mm
- height: 1.390 mm
- gross weight: 2.300 Kg
- carrying capacity: 5.500 Kg
- wheels type: rigid
- wheels diameter (new): 733 mm
- wheels diameter (max worn out): 713 mm
- bodywork: Atm
- color: blue