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Observing the trailers of the Sassi-Superga, few details reveal the true nature of the wagons, showing that they are the oldest rolling stock in normal line service. The year of construction is 1884, the same year in which the Sassi-Superga line was inaugurated as funicular, operated by the Agudio system. The horse tramway n°197 kept in the GTT museum housed next to the ticket office of the Sassi station, is incredibly only 4 years older (the year of construction is 1880). With over 130 years of service behind them, the open trailers D13 - D14 still do their job very well. The only survivors of the rolling stock of the Agudio funicular (the locomotives were all retired in 1934), they were originally helped by two-axle trailers (including the D15, a suggestive roofless wagon), whose last legacies can be found in the service wagons n° S21 and S22. In 1934, on the occasion of the renewal of the vehicle fleet, the ATM decided to recover the four-axle wagons, two open summer D13-D14 and two closed winter D11-D12, and to reuse them on the new line, after adding a toothed wheel which meshes with the Strub-type rack to ensure braking. Today relegated to serve on the Sassi-Superga, the wagons in question enjoyed greater freedom until the immediate post-war period, as they trasported passengers from Piazza Castello direct to Superga.Between Piazza Castello and Sassi, the towed cars were hooked up to the steam tram of the Turin-Brusasco line (routeclosed in 1949) and pulled from it to the Sassi station (at the time located a hundred meters closer to Corso Casale) , where they were brought to the Superga line with service tractors and joined to the traction (funicular until 1934, rackrail since 1935). Restored in 2000 by a specialized workshop, although they have practically never changed over the decades, only a few details suggest the actual age: the spoked wheels, the division into two compartments in the closed trailers (originally divided into first and second class), the enamelled plates, the metal ribs at sight, the windows and the terraces. Currently all the trailers are in service, the winter ones during all year, the ones open only during the summer service (May-September).



- lenght: 10.202 mm
- width: 2.340 mm
- height: 2.900 mm
- total weight: 13.750 Kg
- minimum radius: 15.000 mm
- bogie type: Snos
- bodywork: Agudio
- color: red-cream
- number of doors: 4 (gates)


- seats: 44
- standing: 31
- operators seats: 1
- total capacity: 76