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The tramcar n° 502 is part of a small series consisting of only six units, originally intended for the city of La Spezia, but never delivered and remained in Turin. During the 1960s the 502 was renumbered T433 (together with the 506, which became T432) as it moved to a maintenance task for the tramway network: grinding the tracks. Thus it receives the new blue livery with yellow safety bands. The "sister" 503 / T432, distinguished by the blue rather than yellow uprights, is now in the Gottard Park museum in Castelletto Ticino (NO). In 2000, the 502 was brought back to its original conditions only for static exposure; it remained at the Sassi station until 2008, when, thanks to an ATTS project, it was decided to rebuild the mechanical and electrical parts as well. After this intervention was completed in 2009, the engine returned to circulate on the tracks for special services and is today one of the most popular historical trams.



- length: 8,000 mm
- width: 2,150 mm
- height: 3,100 mm
- gross weight: 13.210 Kg
- maximum speed: 30 km/h
- minimum radius: 13,000 mm
- power supply: 550 Vdc
- engine type: TIBB GDTM 111 A 4
- starting: rheostatic with inserter
- bodywork: Ansaldo
- color: red-cream
- number of doors: 4 (gates)


- seats: 18
- standing: 20
- operators seats: 1
- total capacity: 39