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This tramcar was built by the Atm workshop immediately after the WW2 using the electrical and mechanical assemblies of the tramway n° 3001, irremediably damaged in a bombing in 1943; however, it is slightly elongated and enlarged compared to the original. Numbered car n° 3501 and familiarly called “the bride” or “Paschetto” in the company, from the name of the Atm director who had strongly desired it, it has remained a unique example. The n° 3501 was among the last, in 1980, to leave the two-tone green livery for the orange one, introduced on the occasion of the elimination of the conductor on board; now set aside, in 1990 it became a service tram for a short period, to test the new pantographs to be applied in place of the traditional rod and wheel socket. It risked being demolished but in 1998 a complete restoration brought it back to its original condition.



- length: 13.700 mm
- width: 2,300 mm
- height: 3,225 mm
- gross weight: 27,750 Kg
- maximum speed: 45 km/h
- minimum radius: 13,759 mm
- power supply: 550 Vdc
- bogie type: Tibb
- engine type: CGE CV 1132 S
- starting: automatic with PCM
- bodywork: Atm Torino
- color: two shades of green
- number of doors: 3


- seats: 17
- standing: 66
- operators seats: 2
- total capacity: 85