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One hundred and fourth car of the 3100-3224 series, built by Fiat Materfer in 1958 on the same scheme as the prototypes 3001-3005 and the "1000" series tramways of the Madrid network, the 3203 was rebuilt by Viberti-Seac in 1977. The operation, mandatory to adapt the tramcar to the one-man-service and without the conductor, it involved opening a fourth door, replacing the front and rear heads and repainting in orange and gray. In 1991 the trolley was replaced by the current single-arm pantograph, adopted on all trams in the Turin network. Remained in service until 2000, the engine was chosen for a restoration that brought it back to its original coloration in light and dark green; The ticket office was restored, but no changes were made to the bodywork, with the exception of the reconstruction of the original line number indicators, nicknamed "domes" by the Turin tram drivers.



- length: 13,805 mm
- width: 2,250 mm
- height: 3,225 mm
- gross weight: 24,460 Kg
- maximum speed: 45 km/h
- minimum radius: 13,759.5 mm
- power supply: 550 Vdc
- bogies: Fiat 2045
- engine type: CGE CV 1132 S
- starting: automatic with PCM
- bodywork: Fiat - Seac
- color: two shades of green
- number of doors: 4


- seats: 19
- standings: 60
- operator seats: 2
- total capability: 81