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Built by Carminati and Toselli for the urban sections of the Roman Stefer network (Termini-Cinecittà and Termini-Capannelle), the 312 is part of the 301-321 series; for the time it was the most modern evolution of a Roman project called MRS (Moto-Rimorchiata Saglio, named after the designer Ing. Saglio). The basic intuition is simple: a two-bogie tractor that replaces the old tractor-trailer convoys. The 312, unlike the first MRS in service on the ATAG urban network, has an entirely metal case, in addition to the blue-cream livery and the pantograph. The engine provided intense service until 1980, when the last Stefer line was closed. Set aside for a long time in the Roman deposit of Alberone, it was chosen to be part of a historical collection which, however, was never created. After years of neglect to the elements, in 2008 Atts recovered it and in 2011 completed its restoration in its original conditions.



- length: 13.300 mm
- width: 2.340 mm
- height: 3,200 mm
- gross weight: 13,800 Kg
- maximum speed: 40 km/h
- minimum radius: 13,000 mm
- power supply: 550 Vdc
- bogies: Carminati
- controller: rheostatic with PN15 inserter
- bodywork: Carminati and Toselli
- color: blue-white
- number of doors: 2


- seats: 20
- standing: 58
- operators seats: 2
- total capacity: 80