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Due to the growth of the population in the economic boom years, Atm needed new high-capacity streetcars; in 1959, 116 2100/2200-series old streetcars built in 1938 were connected by flexible joints (“Urbinati” system) to create 58 new 2800-series streetcars. Car n. 2847 is one of those 58 streetcars. Between 1978 and 1980, car n. 2847 was completely restored for adapting to the abolition of the ticket conductor on board; at the same time, it was equipped with a new forth double-door, aluminium frame windows and painted orange as imposed by the Transport Ministry. In 2008, car n. 2847 was withdrawn from service. Atts arranged to recover and restore it thanks to the funding received by Environment Ministry. In autumn 2009, car n. 2847 was again operative: at present time it is one of the most popular streetcars both for the historical route n. 7 and for charter because of its strong stage presence and its high passenger capacity.



- lenght: 19.865 mm
- width: 2250 mm
- height: 3216 mm
- gross weight: 39.810 Kg
- maximum speed: 45 km/h
- minimum radius of curvature: 13.759 mm
- power source: 550 V c.c.
- bogies: Brill Moncenisio
- engines: Retam RT45 / Tibb GDTM 1252
- starter: rheostatic starter with controller
- controller: Tibb (or Brown-Boveri) PN15
- chassis: Moncenisio - Seac
- color: two shades of green
- number of doors: 3


- seats: 25
- standing: 100
- operators seats: 2
- total capacity: 127