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In the 1950s, the ATM vehicle fleet was no longer adequate for the needs of a constantly growing population; for this reason it was decided to design new, more capacious tramcars. Thus was born the 2700-2771 series, produced by the Società Nazionale Officine Savigliano (SNOS), reusing the trucks (ie. chassis and mechanical part) of old trams; the bodywork, on the other hand, was built from scratch, adding a central box, a configuration that led to the nickname “two rooms and a bath”. They were not very successful due to the low comfort: notable pitching at high speeds and prolonged whistles when entering corners. The "2700" ended their career in the 1980s on special lines for Fiat factories. One tramcar, the 2758, was converted into a restaurant tram in 1988 (the third in the world after those of Melbourne and Basel) and two others were used for sightseeing and exhibitions (a task already performed by the 2758). Of the latter, only 2759 survived, restored by Atts in the conditions of service beginning.



- length: 18.430mm - width: 2.274 mm
- height: 3,200 mm
- total mass: 33,650 Kg
- maximum speed: 45 km/h
- minimum radius: 13,000 mm
- power supply: 600 Vcc
- trucks: Man
- engine type: Ansaldo LC 237/r
- wheels: rigid type 840 mm
- starting: rheostatic with PN15 inserter
- bodywork: Snos
- color: two shades of green
- number of doors: 3


- seats: 18
- standing: 96
- operators seats: 2
- total capacity: 116