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Studied by the ATM, which had built the two prototypes, and built in the 1930s by Fiat Materfer in 100 units, the "2500" are the first Turin trams with a large capacity, destined to replace the tramways with the trailers. The car n° 2592 was badly damaged by a bombing and rebuilt at the end of the war with some small changes, especially to the windows. One of the modifications was the doubling of the rear door, carried out in 1954-55 by the Moncenisio di Condove workshops. The 2592 remained in service until 1983 and then was used for the simulation of the dimensions of the future 5000 series low-floor trams. The tram was set aside for a long time in the Atm / Gtt depots, it was restored by the voluntary operating members of Atts and by the Gtt central workshop between 2007 and 2009, thus returning to the conditions of the 1950s.



- length: 13,200 mm
- width: 2,250 mm
- height: 3.150 mm
- gross weight: 24.450 Kg
- maximum speed: 45 km/h
- minimum radius of curvature: 13,759 mm
- power supply: 550 Vdc
- bogie type: Moncenisio
- engine type: TIBB GDTM 1252
- starting: rheostatic with PN15 inserter
- bodywork: Fiat
- color: two shades of green
- number of doors: 3


- seats: 17
- standings: 64
- operator seats: 2
- total capability: 81