Torino, tram filobus metro (2010)

Antonio Accattatis

Le reti torinesi di trasporto urbano a impianto fisso.

Turin's fixed-system urban transport networks.

Language: Italian  it

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2010, ETR publisher
ISBN 978-88850683-8-4


From the first horse-trams to electric ones, up to the new route 4; from the first trolleybus experiment at the dawn of the twentieth century, to the automatic subway in the early twenty-first century. "Torino Tram Filobus Metro" presents the evolution of the tramway, trolleybus and underground network in the subalpine capital with an unprecedented quantity of historical and statistical data, concerning the history of public transport in general and of the lines operated in particular.

The work takes up the scheme present in "Tramway lines in Turin": the first part of each chapter, dedicated to the evolution of the network, has been considerably deepened, just as the cards concerning the history of each line have been rewritten with even greater detail. The first three chapters tell the evolution of the urban tramway network, from the first private companies concessionaires of the service, to the ATM up to the current GTT. The next three chapters are dedicated to the intercity network, the small but interesting trolleybus network and the history of the subway, from the projects of the sixties to the current construction.

Equally vast is the photographic documentation, with about 180 photographs, half of which are unpublished: line 3 at the triangular terminus in via Martorelli, line 6 at the terminus in piazza Carlo Felice, line 8 in via Bergamo. And then line 14 on the Isabella bridge, line 17 at the terminus in Piazza Modena, special line 27; the tramway to Orbassano in corso Unionesoviet, the maiden voyage on the Sassi-Superga, the first trolleybus of 1902... Added to these are over 30 figures with routes and maps of the network.

Last but not least an appendix full of curiosities: the color tables with which the lines have been identified for a long time, the list of loops and junctions to the unification of the networks, the night lines and the forced limitations to the tram service during the Second World War, and finally the works created for special events, the funicular, the monorail and the cable car.


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