Roberto Cambursano e Luca Giannitti

Per "I Martedì tranviari di ATTS" Roberto Cambursano e Luca Giannitti presentano il nuovo libro di ATTS "C'era una volta la metropolitana leggera". funicolare si racconta

Sun, 20.06.2021 - 09:30

Visite guidate da parte dei soci operativi ATTS al Museo dei trasporti di Sassi, in occasione di " funicolare si racconta".

L'espansione tranviaria a Monaco

Tue, 08.06.2021 - 21:00
Per “I martedì tranviari dell’ATTS” serata dedicata ai tram di Monaco di Baviera, a cura di Luca Giannitti.

In tram alla Notte degli Archivi

Fri, 04.06.2021 - 19:00
La storica vettura 3104, perfettamente restaurata, ha portato i partecipanti a scoprire il lavoro, il viaggio, la storia di #generazioni di persone sui mezzi pubblici, in occasione de “La Notte degli Archivi”.

Simone Schiavi

A trip into the ancient and secret city that you wouldn’t expect to see, from Turin to Rivoli

Language: Italian  it

Book size: 29.7x21 (A4)
128 pages
Type of binding: paperback

€ 19.00 / € 15.00 discounted price for ATTS Members

2018, ATTS Publishing company

The book “Torino sconosciuta vista dal tram” ("An unknown Turin seen from the tram") is the second part of the journey undertaken with the previous publication “Torino inedita vista dal tram” (“An unpublished Turin seen from the tram"). This volume grew out of the same format adopted in the four sold out editions of the preceding one. In other words: approximately one hundred photos -mostly unpublished- taken in the first part of the twentieth century, along with many curiosities and peculiarities of a Turin that we all think we know, but that it is always able to amaze us. Especially in the areas outside the city centre: the liveliest neighbourhoods, the most distinctive suburbs, but also the least photographed parts of the city.
Eventually, all these gems are brought together, to give us the idea and the "scent" of a city that it is continuously transforming itself: a former political capital city which has become an economic and productive capital city. And of course, in the foreground there are the trams, the tracks, the points. All things that make the tramways (and some trolleybuses as well) the absolute main characters of the past and present city life. The book also covers a spectacular and unprecedented journey on the Turin-Rivoli tramway in the last days of its service.