Torino inedita vista dal tram (2017)

An unpublished Turin seen from the tram
Images of an old Turin out of the ordinary

Written by Simone Schiavi

Language: Italian it

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2017, ATTS Publishing company

The book “Torino inedita vista dal tram” (“An unpublished Turin seen from the tram”) narrates a city that during the Thirties "rehearsed" to go back to being great: lively and dynamic, intellectual and productive.
Almost one hundred extraordinary full-page images, dating back to the years 1929-1935 and taken from the most interesting archives, show us the most unknown places of the city.
Starting from unprecedented perspectives of the city centre, an extraordinary journey takes us to all the neighborhoods: we go "hunting" for a Turin that has never been seen before, looking at the places of our daily life in a totally new light. But there is also a story to be read, with many anecdotes and curiosities: it is the history of city streets, markets, hospitals, towns customs barriers, known or forgotten factories, unborn projects and those that have changed the skin of Turin.
And of course, there are the trams, always protagonists of the history of Turin. Every line is a discovery, in a book written to intrigue those who know Turin and to amaze those who have never seen it like this. Furthermore, all the proceeds of "Unpublished Turin seen from the tram" will be donated to the ATTS (the Historical Tramways Association of Turin) to support its activities.