The Trolleybus in Turin (2021)

The Trolleybus in Turin

Written by Antonio Accattatis and Michele Bordone
with a foreword by Richard Holton

Language: English gb

148 pages / 92 b&w pictures and 33 colour photos

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2021, ATTS Publishing Company
ISBN 978-88-946249-1-5

The history of trolleybuses in Turin from the first experiment in 1902 to the closure of route 34 in 1980. The book covers almost fifty years of the trolleybus network in the capital of Piedmont, describing the lines and the vehicles of the three operators, ATM, CTREA and Vigo. The English edition is illustrated with one hundred and twenty-five photographs (thirtythree in colour), technical drawing of the main trolleybus models and the layouts of the routes. In addition the book includes a map of the network, reproductions of newspaper articles from the time and a complete list of the vehicles deployed. The foreword to the English edition is by Richard Holton, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.