Tram-Enzyklopädie (2022)

Roberto Cambursano-Martin Gut

Geschichte und Technik der Strassenbahn

Book in German it

160 pages

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2022, EK Verlag publisher
ISBN 978-38-446686-6-7

This book is the result of an extensive research on texts, specialized magazines, internet sites and original documents. It is a detailed historical and technical compendium on the “tram system” worldwide and follows its progressive development stages from the origins to the present day.
A 190-year-long history, beginning with the first horse-drawn tram in service in New York in 1832, continuing with the epopee of the electrification at the end of the nineteenth century and reaching its golden age in the first half of the twentieth century, period during which the maximum worldwide development occurred. Afterwards, the book covers the years of the great tram crisis in which the advent of mass motorization caused the progressive and insane dismantling of the networks, and it also deals with the "rebirth" of the modernized trams up to the contemporary electronically driven vehicles, keeping an eye on future developments.
The work is completed by a series of tables with the essential data of all the tram systems currently in operation in the world and by a very detailed analytical index, which transforms the book into a real “TRAM ENCYCLOPEDIA”.