Sono un tram di Torino (2021)

Tommaso Garosci

Sono un tram di Torino
Con introduzione storica di Antonio Accattatis

Language: Italian it

128 pages

10,00 €

2021, ATTS publisher
ISBN 978-88946249-2-2

It is a daily gesture, catching a tramcar to go to work, to school, to visit friends or relatives, but also to the cinema or theatre, to go shopping or to go home after a tiring or free day. But the tramcar we use everyday has a story, and its own point of view, which is worth knowing.
After the historical introduction, illustrated by old black&white and colour images, the book is divided into 3 thematic chapters: places and landscapes, professions and passions, memories and seasons which each group together 16 original and unpublished watercolor plates, accompanied by from as many compositions in free verse with a tram theme, with notes.

This book was created to bring the general public, not just enthusiasts, closer to the history of Turin's trams, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of the first tramway in the city, and in Italy.