Peter Witt from Cleveland to Turin (2022)

Peter Witt from Cleveland to Turin

The Turin class 2500 tramcars and their look-alikes

Written by Michele Bordone, Roberto Cambursano and Luca Giannitti

Language: English it

156 pages

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2022, ATTS Publishing company
ISBN 978-88-946249-5-3

"Peter Witt" is the term used to identify a tram dating back to the period between the two world wars. With an elegant squared profile and equipped with a fixed workstation for the conductor located near the exit door halfway down the tram, this type of vehicle, besides the country of origin (the United States of America), was particularly popular in Italy. In fact, huge quantities were put into service in some Italian cities from the Thirties of the past century. At a time when, in many other countries, the old system of the “standing and itinerant conductor” was still in force.
The city of Turin had, after Milan, the second largest fleet of "Peter Witt" in Europe: these trams circulated regularly until the early 1980s and brought life, to subsequent transformations, to the articulated motor cars still in service today. This book, after tracing the historical and technical evolution of the "Peter Witt" in the world, focuses on the experience in Turin.
Trams belonging to the 2000, 2100 and 2500 Series are covered in this book through the description of their technical features and by the way they have been used on the city network in the various historical phases.
A large contribution has been dedicated to the 2500 Series, reporting the recovery and restoration of the three motor cars 2592, 2595 and 2598. These three engines are part of the current fleet of historical trams in service in Turin and which are regularly employed on the Circular Line 7, managed by the GTT (the local public transport company).