C'era una volta la metropolitana leggera (2021)

There was once the light rail
Turin projects, the trams series 7000 and their peers.

Written by Roberto Cambursano and Luca Giannitti

Language: Italian it

132 pages

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2021, ATTS Publishing company
ISBN 978-88-946249-3-9

Nowadays one uses the word “Metrotranvia” to indicate a tramway line with a high degree of protection and a high transport capacity: whereas people from Turin tend to use the term “Light Rail” to indicate this kind of service improperly, referring to articulated cars of the Series 7000 which circulated in the city from the mid-Eighties of the last century.
There are various terms in the world to define this type of service, starting with the French “Pre-Metro”, which became “Stadtbahn” in German-speaking countries, however the most used and internationally accepted is the English “LRT” (“Light Rail Transit”).
This book focuses on the experience in Turin, after tracing the historical and technical evolution of the LRT systems in the world, born on the wave of the “tram renaissance” that took hold everywhere from the Seventies and which led to the overcoming of the previous crisis period.
The articulated motor-cars of the Series 7000 (the first new generation vehicles introduced in the city, with a large capacity and an electronic drive) are then dealt with in detail, through the description of their technical features and their methods of use on the city network managed by the municipal company (first the ATM and then the GTT), starting from the Eighties and up to their inglorious end which took place after only thirty years of service.