Due piani su Torino (2018)

Double deckers in Turin
Due piani su Torino - a revised edition - new size

Written by Simone Schiavi

Language: Italian it

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2018, ATTS Publishing company
ISBN 978-88-942420-2-7

It is the year 1961. Italy is celebrating its 100th anniversary. You are in Turin: the first Capital of Italy, the city able to promote the unification of territories which had previously been separated over the centuries and often in conflict with one another.
Furthermore, you are experiencing the most extraordinary moment of economic growth and national pacification in recent centuries. Italy, just fifteen years from the war, has gone from being a devastated and defeated country to becoming one of the world’s leading industrial powers.
Does all of this deserve a sumptuous celebration, outdoing the great international exhibitions that had already amazed inhabitants and tourists a century earlier? “Yes” is the answer given by Turin. Something exceptional is needed to celebrate Italy, its regions, its individualities and the “thousand bell towers” but also the ability to overcome differences, to fight poverty and illiteracy and to create a prosperous future.
Growth and development look to be boundless. One can already catch a brief glimpse of the downside of this unique climate, in which majestic buildings, cutting-edge technological installations, and spectacular settings along with a bus that aims at being the best ever built in Italy are all needed. That is the CV61, and this is its story.